Thursday, May 17, 2018

Top Ten Things about First Grade

Today, you are going to think about all you've learned and the fun things you have done in first grade.  We will brainstorm a list and then choose the class "Top Ten" favorite things of the year.  Then we will create a memory book for each of you to have using Google Slides and Kidpix.     Click here to go to our Google presentation

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tech Grades 1-3: Let's Celebrate Dr Suess!

Today we are going to learn more about Dr. Seuss by exploring Seussville.  While you are there, be sure to watch a video, play some games, learn something new about Dr Seuss to share with your classmates at the end of Tech period.  Click here to go to Seussville!

Places to go for your research!
Facts about Dr. Seuss
Read this kid-friendly biography on Dr. Seuss
Read about Dr Seuss here 

Click here to go to Grade 2/3 Class Presentation on Dr Seuss.  
Grade 1-Dr Seuss Presenatation

Add a fact that you have learned.  Include an image and change the color of the slide!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Tech 4/5-Digital Citzenship

Explore The Digital Compass and make real world decisions about the internet, technology and how to be safe online. Click here to go to the Digital Compass. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Digital Citizenship Lesson Grades 1-3: : "What Makes a Website Right For Me?"

What Makes a Website Right for Me?
Today we are going to explore a website and decide what you like about it and whether it is a site you would like to visit again.  Take a look at the site below and complete the worksheet to decide whether the site is right for you.

Key Vocabulary:
subject:  the topic that something ( a website) is about
link (noun): something you can click on to go to another part of the site
rate: to judge how good or valuable something is

We will visit the first site together as a class:
Curious George

Now explore the site below and complete the "Sites I Like" chart:
Color with Leo