Learning How to Code

Resources for Learning How to Code

Code Studio- New to coding? This is the place to start. Learn the basics of coding in fun easy steps. Watch tutorials before you try the coding on your own.

Scratch- Scratch is a coding program designed by MIT. It works the same as Code Studio, but it will be easier if you have done some practice on Code Studio before you use Scratch. Scratch Day is May 9th!

Tynker- Hour of Code- Learn the fundamentals of programming by creating games.

Sign in to Ms. Casassa's Tynker Classroom-

1. Use your Google address and sign in as a Student

2. Sign in with your class code

Here's the classroom code for Grades K-3: 23506695

Here's the classroom code for Grades 4/5: 76960909

Here's the classroom code for Grades 6-8: 78954566

Monday, December 5, 2016

Barnard School Students Participate in "An Hour of Code"

The Hour of Code is a great way for every student to try computer science for one hour. In 2015, the Hour of Code reached 100 million hours served, making the Hour of Code and CS Education Week the largest education campaign in history. December 5th – 11th is Computer Science Education Week, an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take an interest in computer science. Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) was created to raise awareness around the need to elevate computer science education at all levels and to underscore the critical role of computing in all careers.

2nd-5th Graders- Start off with a review at Tynker and then you can try Code Studio.
1st Graders- Try Coding on this fun game

Monday, November 14, 2016

Become a Smart Consumer

 Today we are going to think about how advertisers persuade you to buy their products.  Once you enter the mall, go to the West Terrace. Click on the Mall Map and play the Market-Match Wireless Game. Then you can choose to play any of the other three games in this area of the mall.
Click here to play the interactive games.
Click here to read more about product promotion
Click here to read more about targeting advertising

Monday, October 31, 2016

Create a Voki on a character

You have been writing about characters for your Reader Response Blog.  Using what you know about your characters, create two Vokis that introduce your character.  You can make up what they say but your goal is for us to understand the most important character traits by listening to them. Please post to your blog when you finish.

Click here to get to Voki

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Creating Comic Strips for Grades 6 & 7

Storyboards are a great planning tool for writing and a great way to retell the plot or important events in a story you've read.  There are many different online comic strip makers that can be used to storyboard.  Today you will have a chance to explore a few different comic strip making programs.  Play around with them, see what you like in each.  Be prepared to choose one to share interesting or cool feature that you discover today with the class. (Information below is taken from Free Technology for Teachers)

 Pixton and Storyboard That are both good platforms for creating comic strips. 

Make Beliefs Comix offers comic strip templates and writing prompts in up to seven languages. The templates and prompts can be completed online or you can print them out. Make Beliefs Comix iPad app supports the creation of comics in seven languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin. To create comics in the Make Beliefs Comix you simply select the number of frames you want to use then choose the characters that you want to feature in your story. After choosing your frames and characters you can type text into speech bubbles to tell your story.

Comic Master is a free tool designed for students to use to create comics in the "graphic novel style" that is popular with a lot of kids in the ten to fourteen years old age range. Comic Master provides a drag and drop interface for students to build their comics on. Students using Comic Master can select from a variety of layouts, backgrounds, characters, effects, and fonts.

Witty Comics provides a simple platform to create two character dialogues. To use Witty Comics students just need to select the pre-drawn background scenes and the pre-drawn characters they want to feature in their comics. Writing the dialogues is the creative element that is left to the students.

Write Comics is a free, simple tool for creating comic strips. Write Comics doesn't require any registration to use. In fact, registration is not even an option. To create a comic on Write Comics just select a background from the menu, choose some characters, and add some speech bubbles. You can continue adding frames until you've completed your story.