Monday, December 7, 2020

Join us for 2020 Hour of Code!


It's Time for the Hour of Code!

Hour of Code-click for coding options

AI and Machine Learning impact our entire world, changing how we live and how we work. That's why it’s critical for all of us to understand this increasingly important technology, including not just how it’s designed and applied, but also its societal and ethical implications.

Join us to explore AI in a new video series, train AI for Oceans in 25+ languages, discuss ethics, and more!

Candy Quest
Design your own candy troll character and go on a multi-level quest for candy to help your character find its way home. You'll solve coding puzzles to navigate your character through the human world, while avoiding obstacles and collecting gumdrops and mints.

Can you build a symmetrical maze? A maze with right angles? Get creative and complete maze-building challenges with basic coding concepts. Aligned with K-5 Common Core
Pre-reader - Grade 5 | Language independent (can be taught in multiple languages)
Save the beach babies! Learn to program using basic commands and clean up the beach to protect ocean life.

In a world filled with captivating creatures and bright colors, 4-6 year olds will join a monkey on a mission to collect bananas and unlock treasure chests. All the while, they will explore and learn the basics of code as they use blocks to program a monkey's journey through the world.

Dance Party
Code a Dance Party to share with your friends. Featuring Katy Perry, Madonna, J. Balvin, Sia, Keith Urban, Ciara, and 25 more! 

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