Monday, October 13, 2014

Using Google Presentation--"Autumn is..."

Using Google Presentation is just like using Powerpoint.  Today you are going to learn the basics by creating a class book about the season of Autumn.  Follow the directions in the link below (or use the handout you received) to make your own page in our book.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to write your sentence about Autumn on the worksheet and have it reviewed by a teacher before you start on your slide!
Click here to view the directions for our Presentation Activity

Ready to begin?  

Click here to go to the class Presentation

If you finish your slide for the classroom presentation, you may try making your own Google Presentation on holidays and favorite activities in Fall.
1.  Title Page
2.  At least four slides about Fall activities
3.  Pictures and caption for each slide
Ready for a challenge?
1.  Vary the layout for each slide
2.  Make a picture your background for the slide

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