Monday, January 5, 2015

Thinglink on New Hampshire History-Interesting Facts and Information

You have been researching New Hampshire history.  We are going to create a Thinglink using the information you have learned. 
For your submission to the Thinglink you will need:
1.  A picture of your topic
2.  a website or video related to your topic
3.  1-2 facts that you learned about your topic

Then you will need to organize this information.

You are going to join Google Classroom.  
1.  Log in to your account
2.  Click here to go to Google Classroom
3.  Join the Technology Classroom- The class code is: jbpmkd
4.  You may use the Google Document in Google Classroom to complete the assignment. 

If that doesn't work,   Click here to go to the Google Document. 

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