Monday, April 27, 2015

Create a Timeline of New Hampshire History

Barnard 4th and 5th graders have been studying New Hampshire History this year.  They have researched topics related to the state of New Hampshire, written about their findings, and created a Thinglink based on their information. Now they are going to create a timeline of all the important events that have happened in New Hampshire since the first settlement was founded in the early 1600s.

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Click one of the two Timeline Options below:
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Dipity:  New Hampshire History Timeline
Tiki-Toki: New Hampshire History Timeline

Some timelines to use as resources.  Remember to put the events in your own words and do more research if you need information on the event.
New Hampshire Student Resource Guide
New Hampshire History Timeline
Timelines of History:  New Hampshire
World Atlas NH Timeline

You will be responsible for finding the important events in one of the following time periods:
1900-present day

Your time line entry must include:
1.  Title of the event or a key word
2.  Date (exact if possible)
3.  Description of Event (2 complete sentences if possible!)
4.  Image or link related to event


Dartmouth College
December 13, 1769
The charter establishing Dartmouth College was signed in 1769, by John Wentworth, who was the governor at the time. Dartmouth's founder was Rev. Eleazar Wheelock who started the College as a place to educate Native Americans.

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