Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grade 4/5 Tech Class

Today you are going to be revisiting some tech favorites and sites/apps you have worked with before.  See the list of options below.  You MUST complete the first two, after that you can choose which apps you want to explore.

1.  Practice keyboarding (complete level 1)
2.  Create a Father's Day Wordle
  •      brainstorm a list of words that describe your father (or another important man in your life).  
  •      type these words/phrases on a Google document (if it is a phrase or compound word add this symbol ~  This will keep the words together in the Wordle)  For example get~icecream~together
  • Go to Wordle site and create your word collage.  If you have trouble at this point (typically the problem is with the java script), try another browser.  Click allow when it ask you about the applet (don't worry about that)
  • Once you have a Wordle you like you may print a copy.
3.  Explore a  sites/application  from the list below
Scratch (continue to learn about coding)
Voki (make a Voki of a character in the book you are reading)

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