Sunday, October 4, 2015

Grade 2/3 Tech: Learning How to Use Google Drive

This month, you are going to create a Halloween poster using Google Drive.  It is important to learn the names of the different Google tools and how to use them, so first we are going to practice together changing a document.

Here are the terms we will learn and use today:
Change font style
Change font color
Change font size
Indent using tab 
Align left

Sign up for our Tech 2/3 Google Classroom to work on the Google Doc
1.  Log into your Barnard School account
2.  Click on the Google Classroom icon on the Tech page
3.  Sign up for the Tech 2/3 Classroom:  Our class sign-up code is 5nhx86

If you have trouble signing up then you can-
Click here to view the document you will work on


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