Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tech-It's Almost Halloween!

Watch this Brain Pop video to learn more about Halloween!

Learn how to say Halloween in sign language--

Halloween Fun and Games
Can you make a Jack-o-Latern?  Try this game out!
Click here to play Trick or Treat Home
Click here to carve your own pumpkin!
Halloween Dress-up 
Spot the Pumpkins 
Sort pumpkins in this pumpkin patch! 
It's Halloween-Interactive Story 
Halloween Safety Game 
Halloween Bingo
Halloween Math Puzzle
Halloween Math
Jigsaw Game
PBS Kids-Halloween Activities and Game
Halloween Coding
Direct a Trick or Treat Scene- A Ghost is trick or Treating at a cranky old man's house
Scavenger Hunt at Monster High-Solve coding puzzles to complete a scavenger hunt while avoiding the skeletons that have invaded Monster High

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