Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Grade 7 & 8 Tech: In Plain English-Barnard Explains US History

In Plain English-Barnard Explains US History

Now that you have an idea of what your final product should be like--sort of a mix between the Crash Course information and the Zombie style pictures and video--choose your topic and start researching! 



1.      Write a script-this should be simple—written in PLAIN ENGLISH—the video should not be longer than two minutes.  Stay on topic and focused. You might watch John Green’s  Crash Course videos and some of the In Plain English videos as well to get a feel for the genre.  If you can pull it off—humor and playfulness is fine in this video. HAVE YOUR SCRIPT APPROVED AND EDITED BY MR. SZELIGA OR MS. CASASSA.       
2.     Create your stick figures and props.  Black and white with just “splashes” of well chosen color work best. They show up better if they are outlined with BLACK sharpie! The “stage” is a desk.  Don’t make your figures too small.
3.     PRACTICE-this requires practicing READING the script—slowly and with animation and PLACING stick people and props onto your stage.  This actually does require practice.  Timing is crucial!
4.     Once you’ve practiced and gotten the timing down, it’s time to video your In Plain English video!  Be prepared for several takes—and retakes—it will take time to get it right. 
5.     Download to Youtube and post to your blog! Congratulations!

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