Saturday, April 6, 2019

Grade 2/3-Learning How to Use Google Drive

Today we are going to have some fun learning how to create and use Google Drive document! You have published stories with Mrs. Pruitt on Google Drive. We are going to learn even more fun features you can use!

1.  Click here to go to Google
2.  On right corner you should see this.

3.  Click the blue SIGN IN box and type in your barnardschool google address.
4.  Click on the box in the right corner.

5.  Then click on the DRIVE icon
6.  Click on the + NEW button

7.  Click on the blue Google Docs button


8.  A new document should open.  Give your document a title! Maybe--April Vacation.

9.  Now you can write a paragraph about what you are excited for during April vacation or for this spring.  It could be a trip, seeing family, playing outside, going on an all school hike...anything that you think is going to be fun this month or in May!
10.  Once you have a paragraph written, we will learn how to do differnt things with your document!
11.  Have fun!!!

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