Monday, January 6, 2020

Winter Fun in Tech Class!

Happy New Year!  

2020 is starting great and is sure to be a fun year of learning!  Let's get stared with some winter fun.  Design a snowman below! When you like your creation, print a copy.  You can play some of the other winter games. 
When you are finished, go on Kidpix and write about your Snowman!
Tell us your Snowman's name.  What he or she likes to do outside for fun in the winter. And..what's special about their hat! Pretend you were out in the snow making this snowman. You can also write about all that fun!
Click here to play Make a Snowman

Now try 100 Snowballs

Are you finished and ready for more fun? Try these...
 Days of the Week Game
Break the Bank Sorting
Chrome Music Lab

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