Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Barnard School 4th and 5th Graders particpate in a Mystery Skype

Barnard School students have been participating in Mystery Skypes with other schools around the world.  So far, students in Grade 1-6 have had a chance to try to guess the location of another school, first guessing the state and then the town.  Our last Skype was with a school outside of Atlanta, Georgia whose student body was larger than the entire population of South Hampton! Our students had to turn their Barnard School T-shirts inside out so they wouldn't give our location away!

Barnard students have created questions, gathered geographical material and facts about New Hampshire to participate in the Skype video conference.  Here are some of the questions they have found most helpful:
1.  Is your state east or west of the Mississippi River?
2.  Does your state border an ocean?
3.  Are you landlocked?
4.  Does your state have snow in the winter?
5.  Does your state have two names?
6.  Does your state border another country?

These questions really narrow things down.  For one Skype, they had to guess the location of a school in California and used highways and major thruways to identify the location!  It has been fun to see the creative ways they use the atlas, computer, and maps to figure out where the other school is located.

We are continuing to look for more schools that are interested in participating through the Mystery Skype site. 

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