Thursday, March 12, 2015

Learning about The United States

You are going to learn about your country:  The United States.  After we review the states, each student will choose a state to research.  When you complete your research, we will make a presentation about the states to share with the class.

Click here to go to our 50 States Presentation

Click here to take this quick survey:  What do you know about the United States?

Use these sites to research your State.  Write your answers on the Graphic Organizer I handed out in class.

Try these sites first-
Fact Monster:  The 50 States
State Facts for Students

Other good sites-
US 50 States Game
Enchanted Learning:  The 50 States
Facts about the 50 States

Look up your assigned state.  Find out the following facts:
State Name
State Capital
State Flower
State Bird
Three Largest Cities
Three Interesting Facts

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