Monday, March 28, 2016

Grades 2 & 3: Learning about Habitats-The Rainforest

You finished your Arctic research and presentation.  Now you are going to learn more about The Rainforest.  You will research The Rainforest and find at least TWO interesting facts about The Rainforest.  Then choose an animal that lives in The Rainforest.  Research that animal and find at least TWO interesting and important facts about your animal.  Once you have completed your research and the graphic organizer, you may make two slides on our Rainforest Presentation!

Click here to print out a copy of your research graphic organizer
Click here to go to our Rainforest Presentation 
Sadie's Habitat Presentation

Sites to use for your research:

Kids Corner-Rainforest Alliance
Tropical Rainforests
National Geographic for Kids:  15 Cool Things to Know about Rainforests


Journey to a tropical rainforest in this video--

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