Friday, April 8, 2016

Grade 4/5 Earth Day and Learning how to use Google Drawing

 Today you are going to learn how to use Google Drawing by playing with the features. Create a poster about Earth Day using images, shapes and text to show what it means.
You need to do the following in Drawing (final product needs to include these)
 ________ Add 3 images
 ________ Add text box
 ________ Add at least 2 different shapes
 ________ Put some text inside one of the shapes
 ________ Fill in one text box with color
________  Fill in one shape with color
________ Use one other feature of Google Drawing:___________________________

Earth Day might be on April 22, but you can celebrate anytime! Click here to take this quiz to find out how green you are.

Still interested?  Click here to learn about some endangered ecosystems.

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